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WhatsApp Latest Features You Should Know That

WhatsApp Latest Features You Should Know That

When you’re using an app day in and day out, it’s easy to miss out on new features that get added. You get a notification for an update, you update, and you continue using it as you always did. But what did you get in all those updates? With WhatsApp, quite a bit.
The best social network or instant messenger app is the one which all of your friends and family use. WhatsApp has an incredible user base now, and after becoming one of the fastest growing social networks, it’s now adding features to make it a solid, robust app.
Whether you know it or not, recent updates have brought some cool new features, from starring messages to backing up your chat logs to Google Drive. Most of these changes are reflected in the newWhatsApp for Android, but they should be available on iPhone soon enough. If you use WhatsApp, you need to know this.

‘Star’ Messages to Find Them Later

When someone sends an important message on WhatsApp, you can’t save it. Finding it later can be a pain, despite the robust search engine in WhatsApp. One of our workarounds was to use hashtags to mark important messages. But now, there’s a cool new tool.
WhatsApp now lets you ‘star’ messages. Long-press any message, choose the Star in the top menu bar, and move on. It’s exactly like a bookmark or a favorite.
Later, when you want to look up any bookmarked message, go to Menu > Starred Messages and you’ll see them all, listed chronologically.
The starred messages can also be searched, so you can find all the important stuff you marked by some person. You can also ‘unstar’ a message later, so that the Starred Messages can be cleaned up easily.

Back Up Chats to Google Drive

If you accidentally delete your WhatsApp chat history, you can restore it in a few steps. But what if you lost your phone, or got a new one, or had to reset your existing storage? While WhatsApp backs up chat history regularly, there’s now an easier (and better) way: Google Drive.
The new version of WhatsApp for Android lets you automatically backup your chat logs to Google Drive. Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup > Google Drive Settings and set it up. I’d recommend backing up daily (you can choose weekly, monthly, or manual), over Wi-Fi only (thus saving data costs), and including videos.
Remember, you can get 1 TB of Google Drive storage for free, so as far as WhatsApp backups go, you should be fine even if you upload all of the videos and photos.

Easier Way to Clear Chats

If you’re already backing up those chats, there’s no reason for you to keep really old messages, is there? It’s time to clear things up, and WhatsApp has made it simpler than ever.
Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat History > Clear All Chats and you’ll see three options: all messages, messages older than 30 days, or messages older than 6 months. Choose what you want and WhatsApp will do the rest.
You can do this same action with specific chats too, whether with individuals or groups. In any chat, tap Menu > More > Clear Chat and you’ll see the same three options. Simple, eh?

Mark Messages as Read or Unread

You can now hide your WhatsApp status or when you were last seen, which is great. But for your own personal usage, sometimes, you might want to mark a message as unread.
Think about it in email. The ability to right-click and mark as unread is a great way to remind yourself that you haven’t fully registered an email, that you need to reply to it, or that it’s important in some way.
You can now do that in WhatsApp too. Choose a chat with any contact or group, long-press on it, and tap “Mark as Unread”—yup, as simple as that. You can do the opposite too—long-press a chat you haven’t read and you’ll see an option to “Mark as Read”, so it seems like you’ve read the message without ever opening the chat.
Do note that this doesn’t mean change the message’s status for your recipient. The recipient still sees that you have read the message. It only reflects as unread in your own phone.
Mark as read/unread has also made its way to WhatsApp Web on your desktop.

Use Custom Notifications for People and Groups

Some contacts and chat groups are more important than others, right? Well, then set a different type of notification alert for them. WhatsApp has rolled out custom notifications.
One of the cornerstones of blocking mobile distractions is to allow the right people through and cut off everyone else, and that’s what this feature does. Open any chat, tap the title bar, and you’ll find an option for Custom Notifications.
In it, you can set the notification tone, vibration effect, popup notification, and the color of the LED light for new messages. For Whatsapp voice calls, you’ll only get custom ringtones and vibrations.

Link Previews

This is a neat new feature that doesn’t really make you do anything special, but just adds to the overall experience.

When a link is pasted into a WhatsApp chat, you will now see a link preview with an image from the article, the headline, and the base URL—much like what you see on Facebook or Twitter.
If you’re the one sharing a link, you have the option to not include that preview, too.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Freedom 251 / Experience the Freedom / Smart Phone at Rs.251 / Cheapest Phone of the world.

Freedom 251 / Experience the Freedom

At the time of writing this article, the company’s website said the bookings for the phone were closed. Here's a screenshot of the website taken on February 20, 2015.
Specification of Freedom 251





Front Camera



 540x960 pixels




 Android 5.1



Rear Camera


Battery capacity


While the world kept asking questions and Indians remained puzzled, a Noida-based startup, promising a Rs. 251 smartphone, on Friday claimed to have received nearly five crore registrations in just two days.
There’s very little information about Ringing Bells or on how it intends the keep the costs down. At the time of writing this article, the company’s website said the bookings for the phone were closed.
If you’re planning to buy one, here’s an explainer to bring you up to speed on the controversy and news surrounding the company:
Who’s behind Ringing Bells?
What has escaped the attention of most people in all the excitement that the news generated is the largely humble background of the company’s founder Mohit Goel.
Mr. Goel used to sit in his father’s small grocery shop in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh till a few years ago.
“The phone was launched on Thursday at a very big function in Delhi. Frankly, I did not for a moment think that the mobile company, which Mohit told us about few months ago, would be so big,” the proud father Rajesh Goel told The Hindu on the phone from Shamli. 
Let’s talk some numbers
The much-hyped launch of the world’s cheapest smartphone was thrown into disarray on Thursday as a mad rush to book the device caused the firm’s website to crash within few hours of opening, besides utter chaos at the company’s Noida head office.
To understand the magnitude of the kind of craze it generated, sample this: Ringing Bells said it was received 600,000 hits per second on its website! For comparison, search engine giant Google processes an estimated 40,000 search requests per second.
Why are some calling it ‘mission impossible’?
According to analysts, handset makers and industry veterans, it is not possible to make smartphones at such a low cost.
“In realty it is not possible because even a memory card, a chipset or a processor costs more than the whole handset. I don’t see it as a serious business model. I am also worried about the security of money of buyers who have booked the handset,” S.N. Rai, co-founder, Lava Mobiles, told BusinessLine.
Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst at Greyhound Research, said there must be some hidden subsidy without which it is not possible to sell at Rs. 251.
“Selling of smartphones is dependent on at least two factors: pricing and experience. I don’t see such things about this smartphone. Also, the customers they are targeting would not be having credit cards,” said Mr. Gogia.
He also said with the founding members of the company not having any technology background and the handset being loaded with ‘Make in India’ apps clearly indicates that there could be some arrangements (at the government level).
So what’s the catch?
Ringing Bells’ president Ashok Chaddha said the manufacturing cost of the phone is about Rs. 2,500, which will be recovered through a series of measures like economies of scale, innovative marketing, reduction in duties and creating an e-commerce marketplace.“By going for Made in India components, we can save on the 13.8 per cent duty. Also, we will be selling online first and thus save the costs incurred on large distribution network,” he said.
Mr. Chaddha also rejected speculations of the handset being subsidised by the government.
“The phone will be manufactured in Noida and Uttaranchal. Two plants will be set up for Rs. 250 crore each with a capacity of 5 lakh phones. The money will come in the form of debt and equity (1.5:1),” he said.
Mr. Chaddha added the equity is being met by the promoter family of the company that is “engaged in agri-commodities business” in Uttar Pradesh but declined to give further information.
Specifications? Features?
The phone claims to have an Android 5.1 operating system, a 4-inch qHD IPS display, a 3.2-megapixel primary and a 0.3-megapixel front camera.
The device also claims to have 3G connectivity, 1.3GHz quadcore processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory and supports external memory cards of up to 32GB.
To power Freedom 251, the company has put a 1,450mAh battery and claims to have a service network of 650 centres across India.
Is it true that Ringing Bells showcased a rival company's handset, as its own?
Mr. Chaddha clarified that “it wanted to show a sample or prototype of what the handsets will look like. This is not the final piece.”
“In view of the shortage of time and given that these were to serve only as prototypes given FOC to a limited list of persons, we went ahead. We would clearly mention that the Final Freedom 251 manufactured/assembled in India would be to identical specs — i.e. no change,” he added.
Why is the company under excise, I-T departments’ scanner?
According to the sources, the I-T Department is looking into the financial structure of the Noida-based company and have obtained documents, including those from the Registrar of Companies (RoC), in this regard.
“Yes, there was a visit from excise department and I-T Department. Since we are planning to achieve milestones under Make in India, Skill India and Startup India. They issued us some guidelines for future and extended full support and cooperation,” Ringing Bells president Ashok Chaddha said in a statement to PTI.

Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / surface pro 4 vs macbook

Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

When it comes to hybrid tablets, nothing beats Microsoft’s Surface Pro series with the ultimate combination of a light tablet, powered by a desktop operating system (Windows 10) with a soft physical keyboard, a stylus and a powerful Intel chipset. Many have tried to copy it and few have succeeded to deliver a product of this class and calibre (with a few bugs). But then came along Apple.
Apple had the one thing going for it since the very beginning of the iPad series, iOS apps that were optimised for the iPad’s display; and there were plenty of them. So Apple came up with something unbelievable (at least during the Steve Jobs era) in the form of a massive iPad Pro aimed at professionals with a large display, soft keypad and even its own stylus called Apple Pencil.
Microsoft’s answer to the same was in the form of the Surface Pro 4 and it seriously packs in plenty of horsepower for a tablet with the new Skylake chipsets. So how do the two stack up against each other?
Apple iPad Pro Front
Display and Construction
Apple’s new iPad Pro packs in a 12.9-inch display along with a 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution. In terms of the display, Microsoft with its Surface Pro 4 goes with a slightly smaller 12.3-inch 2736 x 1824 pixel touchscreen display so there’s not much of a difference out here when compared to the Surface Pro 3. The iPad Pro sports dimensions of 12×8.68x.27 inches with a weight of 1.57 pounds while the Surface Pro 4 measures 11.50 x 7.93 x .33 inches and weighs 1.73 pounds. Apple’s iPad Pro wins both in terms of portability and also because it sports a sharper display. And let’s not forget the 4 speakers.
Chipset, Storage and Software
The Apple iPad Pro is powered by Apple A9X chipset and it is supported by 4 GB of RAM. The company also claimed that the new A9X will be 80 percent faster than all the portable PCs released in 2014. More importantly, Apple has also managed to squeeze in a GPU with a 12 cluster setup instead of the 6 cluster one found on its A9, so there’s plenty of horsepower in here as well.
Coming to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, there are plenty of chipset and storage options. You will be able to choose anything from an Intel Core m3 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage to a top of the line, Intel i7 chipset with 16 GB of RAM 256 GB of storage so yes its easy to say that Apple’s A9X is no match for the Surface Pro 4′ innards. But there’s another angle to this.
Apple iPad Pro Side
In terms of software, the iPad Pro will run on Apple’s mobile operating system called iOS. A report by PC World points out that the app catalog for Apple’s mobile operating system is much deeper than the apps only available through Microsoft’s Windows Store. Still then, Microsoft does have its fair share of professional software and the chops to run them without optimisations.
The Pro 4 works completely on the company’s latest Windows 10. For debate sake, professionals would mostly opt for this device as iOS would sadly, limit the amount of applications compatible with it.
On the storage front, the iPad Pro comes equipped with 32–128 GB worth of storage while the Surface Pro 4 is pretty much customisable for both the casual user to the professional and everyone else in between. The winner here is certainly Microsoft’s device even with Apple’s massive app bank as  its Pro features would not really matter to its target users. More so, it appears like Apple opted for the same storage as it would offer on an iPhone.
The iPad Pro comes with an 8 MP rear camera along with a 1.2 MP front facing camera. On the other hand, the Surface Pro 4 comes with a 5 MP front facing camera and an upgraded 8 MP unit on the back, along with 1080p video recording features.
With professional tablets such as these, the cameras really do not matter – but a good front-camera certainly helps with video calling features and both tablets offer good enough front-facing cameras for video calling. The rear camera on the iPad Pro is impressive if it gives the same output as we had seen with the iPhone 6/6s, but shooting with a 12.9-inch tablet may make you feel a bit out of place.
The iPad Pro comes paired with the new Apple Pencil, which is not included with the device, but will be available at a price tag of $99. However, Microsoft includes their Surface Pro Pen with the tablet itself.
The main USP for both the styluses is that it supports palm rejection and pressure sensitivity. In a detailed report by Wired, David Pierce stated the Apple Pencil is better than any stylus he’s ever used by a wide margin. In addition, he said, ” There was almost zero latency, meaning the ink appeared to flow out of the Pencil and not trail half an inch behind.”
Apple Pencil also works with popular apps like Mail, Notes, Procreate and Office 365 for iPad as well. In comparison, the Microsoft Surface Pen is an electromagnetic pen that can also be used to open One Note or to activate Cortana. It also offers a wider range of connectivity as well. The Surface Pen is also pressure sensitive and features palm block will allows users to rest their hand on the screen as they draw. The Surface Pen does stand out thanks to its practicality, but the Apple Pencil is a better tool for those who aim to use it for creativity, but as many have begun to point out, there are plenty of better options available out there.
The iPad Pro sports a built-in 38.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which is claimed to last up to 10 hours while using the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos and listening to music. Even though Microsoft has not mentioned the exact capacity for the battery, the Surface Pro 4 is said to last up to 9 hours of video playback. In comparison, the iPad Pro does promise a better battery life while using many other features simultaneously, but coming to the more powerful silicon available on the Pro 4, Microsoft seems to have pulled off something quite commendable for now.
In terms of connectivity, the iPad Pro includes a lighting and smart connector whereas, the Surface Pro 4 includes a full-size USB 3.0, microSD card reader, mini display port, cover port and charging port. No points for guessing the winner out here!
Pricing And Availability
The iPad Pro will cost you $799 for a 32 GB variant while the 128 GB variant will cost you $949. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is priced at $899 for a 128 GB Intel Core m3 version, $999 for the Core i5 128 GB variant and goes on till the Core i7 16 GB RAM and 256 GB variant is priced at a hefty $1799. You can even customize your high-end Pro 4 with up to 1 TB of internal storage ($2699).
Even though Apple looks like it has taken some inspiration from the Surface Pro 4 for its iPad Pro, and also targets the professional market, the combined cost of the iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard easily cross $1000 – a price at which one can get the MacBook Air which is a much more powerful workhorse. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 on the other hand comes with a desktop OS and with desktop class processor and RAM configuration which is much powerful.
The Surface Pro 4 is the better choice, but it isn’t flawless either. A recent bit of news brought to light one of the many problems that user of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are reporting, which are mainly to do with Intel’s Skylake series of chipsets. Still then, Microsoft said that it will fix the bugs by early next year.

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Features of Inbox by Gmail you don't want to miss

Features of Inbox by Gmail you don't want to miss


If you've switched to using Inbox by Gmail, then you're probably painfully aware that some basic -- but nearly necessary -- features are missing. Fortunately, Google updated the app today with five new features. Among these are Trip bundles, Keep reminders appearing in the app, Swipe to delete, Signatures and Undo send.
Trip bundles and Keep reminders work automatically, but here are a few tips for the other new features:
  • Swipe to delete
This setting was much anticipated by Inbox users, because marking every email as Done just wasn't cutting it. However, you'll have to enable it to make it work. Head to Settings > [account name] > Action when done with messages > Move to trash.
  • Signatures
Ready to finally add your name, a quote or some other catchy information to your messages? Now you can by heading to Settings > [account name] > Signature > Toggle on and provide the signature text.
  • Undo Send
Thankfully there's no steps to make this feature work, but you might be wondering where it is. When you send an email, you'll see a banner appear at the bottom of the page that lets you undo sending -- sort of like Labs feature available for Gmail on the Web.
Note: You will need to be on Inbox by Gmail version 1.8 for these features to work. If you don't see them after updating the app, try restarting your device.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Full list of All Reliance ussd codes for 2g and 3g

Full list of All Reliance ussd codes for 2g and 3g

PurposeRelilance ussd codes
To check Balance*367# or *306# or *402#
Common Access Number*369
Reliance Customer Care Number*333 or *369
To check internet data*333*1*3*1# or *367*3#
For GPRS settingsSms “ALL” to 55100
To know special deals and discounts*789#
To check your number*1#
To get caller tunes*999#
To know special packs*777#
To Recharge*368*<14 digit pin>#
To know VAS balance*333*1*4*1#
To know local call balance*367*2#
To know GPRS data balance*367*3#
To know packs*123# or *321#
To know latest balance information*333*1*2*1#
To get free internet*123*099#
To check validity period*333*1*1*1# or *702#
To activate caller tunes*333*3*1*1#
To deactivate caller tunes*333*3*1*2#
To activate miss call alert*333*3*2*1#
To deactivate miss call alert*333*3*2*2#
GPRS data balance for check typeSms “MBAL” to 55333
Customer Care number                                           198
For self menu postpaid                                         *222#
For self menu prepaid                                         *111#
All the above furnished Reliance ussd codes in the Full List of All Reliance ussd codes for 2g and 3g are true to our best knowledge.

Friday, February 5, 2016

MS Office Word Shortcut Key

MS Office Word Shortcut Key

Ctrl + 0Toggles 6pts of spacing before a paragraph.
Ctrl + ASelect all contents of the page.
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + CCopy selected text.
Ctrl + DOpen the font preferences window.
Ctrl + EAligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.
Ctrl + FOpen find box.
Ctrl + IItalic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + JAligns the selected text or line to justify the screen.
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink.
Ctrl + LAligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.
Ctrl + MIndent the paragraph.
Ctrl + NOpens new, blank document window.
Ctrl + OOpens the dialog box or page for selecting a file to open.
Ctrl + POpen the print window.
Ctrl + RAligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen.
Ctrl + SSave the open document. Just like Shift + F12.
Ctrl + TCreate a hanging indent.
Ctrl + UUnderline the selected text.
Ctrl + VPaste.
Ctrl + WClose the currently open document.
Ctrl + XCut selected text.
Ctrl + YRedo the last action performed.
Ctrl + ZUndo last action.
Ctrl + Shift + LQuickly create a bullet point.
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font.
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increase font +2pts.
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font +1pts.
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower; if above 12, decreases font by +2pt.
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font -1pts.
Ctrl + / + cInsert a cent sign (¢).
Ctrl + ' + <char>Insert a character with an accent (grave) mark, where <char> is the character you want. For example, if you wanted an accented รจ you would use Ctrl + ' + e as your shortcut key. To reverse the accent mark use the opposite accent mark, often on the tilde key.
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide non printing characters.
Ctrl + <left arrow>Moves one word to the left.
Ctrl + <right arrow>Moves one word to the right.
Ctrl + <up arrow>Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph.
Ctrl + <down arrow>Moves to the end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + DelDeletes word to right of cursor.
Ctrl + BackspaceDeletes word to left of cursor.
Ctrl + EndMoves the cursor to the end of the document.
Ctrl + HomeMoves the cursor to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + SpacebarReset highlighted text to the default font.
Ctrl + 1Single-space lines.
Ctrl + 2Double-space lines.
Ctrl + 51.5-line spacing.
Ctrl + Alt + 1Changes text to heading 1.
Ctrl + Alt + 2Changes text to heading 2.
Ctrl + Alt + 3Changes text to heading 3.
Alt + Ctrl + F2Open new document.
Ctrl + F1Open the Task Pane.
Ctrl + F2Display the print preview.
Ctrl + Shift + >Increases the selected text size by one.
Ctrl + Shift + <Decreases the selected text size by one.
Ctrl + Shift + F6Switches to another open Microsoft Word document.
Ctrl + Shift + F12Prints the document.
F1Open Help.
F4Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)
F5Open the Find, Replace, and Go To window in Microsoft Word.
F7Spellcheck and grammar check selected text or document.
F12Save As.
Shift + F3Change the text in Microsoft Word from uppercase to lowercase or a capital letter at the beginning of every word.
Shift + F7Runs a Thesaurus check on the selected word.
Shift + F12Save the open document. Just like Ctrl + S.
Shift + EnterCreate a soft break instead of a new paragraph.
Shift + InsertPaste.
Shift + Alt + DInsert the current date.
Shift + Alt + TInsert the current time.